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Jim Luckman »

Jim Luckman is quick to tell you that he absolutely loves solving big problems, in fact he finds them fascinating. “The tougher the problem, the better I like it,” he says. “In almost every organization where I have worked, my associates have told me that when they have had a big problem, they brought it to me.”

Karl Ohaus »

There’s a surefire way to tell when people absolutely love what they do. Just ask the question, “If money were no object, what would you be doing?” Karl Ohaus answers at light speed that he would do even more of what he does these days, helping companies figure out how to be better, and improving the performance and efficiency for everybody involved in the organization from top to bottom.

Tom Shuker »

Tom Shuker understands the value of a good team- one that runs smoothly, one where communication and ideas flow, and where things get done. Over his thirty plus years at General Motors and his subsequent years as a top consultant, he has had the rare privilege of seeing just what all can be accomplished when people get together and all the pieces of the “machinery” work and accomplish the mission for which they were designed.

David Verble  »

David has been a performance improvement consultant and leadership coach since 2000. Prior to that, he worked for Toyota in North America for 14 years, first as an internal change agent and later as a manager of human resource development at the plant and North American levels.

Judy Worth »

In her heart, Judy Worth has always been a teacher, and she’s quick to tell you that she comes by it honestly: “Though they were never employed as teachers, my parents were always teaching in one way or the other: Scouting, Sunday school, Little League, ESL. They showed me very early on how knowledge can help others help themselves, and I guess I never got over it.”

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