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Associates and Affiliates

Michael Walsh »

Michael Walsh advises senior leaders and teams about successfully leading and supporting organizational change and development. He brings over 30 years of experience in helping organizations deal with resistance/support issues associated with change. He has designed and led change interventions helping leaders and organizations build capacity for better results in a variety of organizational settings: family run, small & medium size firms, public sector & non-profits.

Hong Li »

Hong Li has served as consultant with both manufacturing and non-manufacturing organizations in the U.S. and globally. He is recognized by clients as a combination of an orthodox firsthand transformational thinking professional and an experienced consultant and educator. Hong also has cross-cultural experience within Western and emerging economies, especially China.

Paula Braun »

Paula Braun has been a driving force to develop and spread the knowledge of transformation thinking and its possibilities in healthcare and service organizations in Sweden. Her background in social science informs her emphasis on good relations within the workgroup as a key starting point to establish understanding, acceptance and knowledge of continuous improvement, with the end result being successful organizational transformation.

Robert Kessiakoff »

Robert Kessiakoff has worked as a top executive and a management consultant for various global organizations with international operations. With his extensive experience managing organizations in transition and rapid development, he is convinced about the vitality of Transformational Thinking as a management philosophy. He helps clients implement transformational thinking theory and practice to ensure customer focus and employee involvement throughout the organization.

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