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Since 2006 through our work at LTG, we have been inspired by so many incredible thinkers and leaders in the lean community. We’ve also had the opportunity to work directly with excellent colleagues in the field on a wide variety of interesting and challenging change projects across all sectors—projects which have required people to step in with specific expertise and/or creativity.

Below are some of the people we are collaborating with currently or with whom we have collaborated in the past. We thank our colleagues in the LTG Network for sharing their insights with us and for stayed connected.

Michael Walsh »

Michael Walsh advises senior leaders and teams about successfully leading and supporting organizational change and development. He brings over 30 years of experience in helping organizations deal with resistance/support issues associated with change. He has designed and led change interventions helping leaders and organizations build capacity for better results in a variety of organizational settings: family run, small & medium size firms, public sector & non-profits.

Hong Li »

Hong Li has served as consultant with both manufacturing and non-manufacturing organizations in the U.S. and globally. He is recognized by clients as a combination of an orthodox firsthand transformational thinking professional and an experienced consultant and educator. Hong also has cross-cultural experience within Western and emerging economies, especially China.

Paula Braun »

Paula Braun has been a driving force in developing and spreading knowledge on transformation thinking in Sweden, primarily exploring its possibilities in healthcare and service organizations. Her social science background deeply informs her approach. Paula emphasizes respectful relations within the workgroup as a key starting point to establish understanding, acceptance, and knowledge of continuous improvement, with the end result being successful organizational transformation.

Elizabeth A. Luckman, Ph.D. »

Elizabeth has been a thought partner and friend of the LTG Partners for years. She has participated with us in our continuous learning, co-facilitated LTG client workshops, and co-written articles with her father, Jim. She brings an expanded perspective of organizational development to LTG through her focus on ethics and philosophy of management.

Lex Schroeder »

Lex Schroeder is a writer, editor, and facilitator with deep roots in the systems thinking community. In addition to developing manuscripts, case studies, and articles for individuals and organizations, Lex works with thought leaders across all industries to create new knowledge about the way work gets done.

Mike Orzen »

Mike’s passion for meaningful teamwork, psychological safety, and continual improvement helps clients build a healthy organizational culture that prioritizes respectfully engaging people, improving business process capability, enabling people and leveraging information technology to drive a culture of excellence.

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